photography is the most important part of my creative activities for almost quarter of the century. this website summarizes my accomplishments on the imaging field presenting both personal and commercial projects i made since ca. 1994.

personally i focus on the documentary aspect of photographic imaging. what interests me especially is inspection of objects (and/or the people) with their spatial context. sometimes i like to shape it in the form of mostly explored photography genre, a landscape.

always admired the rule “devil is in the details” and this is the reason i use large & medium format analog photography techniques along with digital high resolution imaging to create superior detailed images ready to display at large reproduction sizes.

i still feel hunger for new challenges so this page will be expanded along with new and ongoing project updates. if you like my commercial work, i’m available to hire.

feel invited to check-out my other photo activities (☞ links) and follow my social networks (below).